Northeastern Farofa

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 Duration: 00h 15m
 For 4 persons
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Short description

Also known as scalded farofa.


200 g (7 oz)toasted manioc (yuca) flour
1 stalkchives
1small onion
 a few cilantro shoots
 salt, pepper and cumin
1 tablespoonbutter
1 cupboiling water



In a large, round Pyrex dish bring together all vegetables well chopped, the butter, salt, pepper and cumin. Add the boiling water, mix well and add the manioc flour. Continue stirring with a fork until it reaches the desired consistency. For a drier farofa, just increase the amount of flour.


NOTE: "Northeastern" here refers to the Northeast region of Brazil where farofa [fah'rawfah] is widely known and consumed in everyday dishes. There are several variations in texture, color, smell and flavor, all depending on the ingredients used, like local nut oils, for example.